Bay Area Bike Shop Now Open

COVID-19 Update: Bike gear, service & maintenance now available in Emeryville & SF from 10am-7pm Everyday.

Bay Area Bike Shop Now Open
To our Decathlon community,

To support our community who rely on bikes for transportation, we have reopened our Emeryville and Potrero Center stores, which have been temporarily closed since March 17. With many public transportation routes closed and the ongoing social distancing requirements, this decision was made to support our community in the best way we can.
If you need to get places by bike, we're here for you, with bikes, gear & equipment and maintenance & repair.

In the meantime, our online shop is still open for regular business, with home delivery available across the US. We’ve also launched a convenient Grab & Go curbside pickup option for Bay Area residents from our Emeryville and Potrero Stores. [Learn More]

Bike Shop Hours:  10am - 7pm Everyday

Here are some of the actions we're taking to protect our teammates and our community during these times:

Our Team. Only essential employees critical to the operations of our bike shop, curbside pickup program and e-commerce operations are reporting into work. We’ve staggered shifts and made arrangements to help our team practice social distancing. Otherwise, our employees are working remotely or asked to remain at home in accordance with the Shelter-in-Place regulations.

Sick Leave. We ask any employee who is experiencing symptoms or who has a household member who is sick to stay at home. They will continue to be paid for their time.

Health & Safety Precautions. Our team has increased health and sanitary practices throughout our stores and warehouse, with masks, gloves and hand sanitizer available for all employees. We’ve also increased the frequency and strength of our cleaning throughout our facilities.

We are continuing to do everything we can to support our community, local hospitals and medical personnel during these uncertain times. Thank you for your ongoing loyalty and support as we navigate this situation. If you have any questions, feel free to reach us anytime at or on our website chat.

~ 💙Your Bay Area Decathlon Team

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