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Snowboard Binding Screws
Snowboard Binding Screws

Snowboard Binding Screws

Screws and washers for snowboard bindings.

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Wed Ze

Snowboard Binding Screws designed for fixing bindings onto your snowboard.

Screws for snowboard bindings, with spacers.

8 screws and 8 washers.

Easy assembly/dismantling

Phillips screwdriver, ideally a PZ3.


Sold with thread-locking adhesive to prevent them from loosening.

Anti corrosion

Stainless steel.

Compatibility with bindings

Please note: these screws are suitable for most bindings, however we recommend checking that your binding takes such screws. To do this, remove your binding and take the central disc, place 1 screw + 1 washer in one of the housings. Measure the length of the screw which is higher than the disc: the part which is in the board inserts. If the screw length is > 6 mm after tightening, you must twist the snowboard base opposite each screw.


Screws : 100.0% Stainless steel


The screw should not be more than 6 mm higher than the disc.


2 Years



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