Adventure Pants

Adventure Pants

About Our Adventure Pants Collection

Going on an adventure? Whether you’re going hiking, camping, or just spending time outdoors, Decathlon’s Artengo brand has the perfect gear for your excursion. We have adventure pants that are breathable and flexible, perfect for your active lifestyle. They’re lightweight so they don’t weigh you down on your travels and they dry quickly when you sweat. Our hiking pants are designed to be tough so they can withstand the harsh conditions of the outdoors and our flexible material allows for a comfortable fit while you’re on the move. We also have rain jackets to keep you protected in the unpredictable weather. 

Trekking Socks and Shoes

If you’re going on a long hike, you’ll need comfortable shoes and socks to cushion your feet on the rough terrain. We have hiking shoes that are designed to be tough and last on your long journeys, and socks that keep your feet comfortable during your travels. Once you’re done, keep your shoes in good condition for your next adventure. 

Sport Apparel

If you’re into more than just hiking, we have a whole host of athletic clothing for all your sports and exercises. We have running tights and shorts for when you’re on the road, baseball caps and socks for when you’re in the field, running tops and pants for when you’re on the pavement, and cycling shorts and pants for when you’re in the saddle. Once you’re done, store your gear for your next go!