Stand Up Paddle Boards

About Our Stand Up Paddle Boards 

Looking to catch some waves? Itiwit, our stand up paddle brand, prides itself on innovating right at the shores of Hendaye, the perfect spot for designing and prototyping in real-world conditions. Itiwit makes inflatable stand up paddle boards that come in a variety of different styles and sizes–including 2-person SUP boards–so that you can find the right one for you

SUP Boards

Our SUP boards have great stability, with a shape and weight distribution that make them perfect on the water. They are compact enough to fit in their own backpack and travel between your home, your car, and the water! Our adjustable carbon SUP paddles are compact as well, able to collapse neatly to not take up space on your way to get your trip started! And if you lose a part or need a replacement, then look no further: we have fins, leashes, other accessories and spare parts you can’t do without!

SUP Clothing

Our SUP clothing and wetsuits are designed to be warm and comfortable during your SUP adventures Looking for UV protection? We have a whole range of UV protection gear for men, women, and kids! Our UV protection gear blocks 95% of harmful rays, even when wet! And if you’re getting out of the water, we have towels and ponchos to dry off with and beach sandals to get around the beach (or pool)!

Paddle Board Accessories

Want to keep things safe while you’re cruising on the water without leaving it on the shore? We also make waterproof SUP bags that protect your belongings. Don’t forget to protect yourself, too, with a life jacket!


Whatever your skill level in the waves is, we have the perfect board that’ll go along with your journey–and more! Decathlon also offers bodyboards for another type of fun in the water! 

Get out there! Whether you’re new or an expert. And remember to  stay safe out there!