About Our Alpinism Collection

Going hiking in the summer? Planning a winter getaway to the snowy peaks? Whether you're going up a mountain or just want to feel secure while at the base, our alpinism gear will keep you safe and secure.

Simond Alpinism

Simond is our in-house climbing brand, with a design center in Chamonix, France that researches and develops eco-friendly and innovative products. Simond creates everything you need for your excursion, from backpacks to crampons and more. Simond designs and manufactures all types of climbing gear, including helmets, crampons, and more. Simond also designs clothing for your whole body, including jackets, pants, and more.

Climbing Apparel and Accessories

No alpinist would be complete without their own set of climbing gear. We make climbing helmets and climbing shoes so you feel safe and secure on your adventures. We also create climbing pants so you can move with ease while on your journeys up and down your favorite cliff side. For the top of your head, we engineer climbing helmets that are comfortable and secure, and don't get in the way of your adventures.

Trekking Gear

For your excursions, we create backpacks and shelters to keep your gear safe and secure while on the move. Our hiking clothing keeps you comfortable, even in the most demanding conditions, and our hiking boots are made to handle tough terrain. If you're going off-road, we have bike helmets and bike accessories so you can enjoy your favorite trails.