Backpack Rain Cover

Backpack Rain Cover

About Our Backpack Rain Covers Collection

Are you going on an adventure? Going hiking? Going camping? Going hunting? Going fishing? No matter what you're doing, Decathlon's Forclaz brand has the perfect gear for your excursion.

Rain Covers

We have a wide variety of rain covers to protect your backpack from the elements. Our lightweight rain covers are compact so you can keep moving even in the rain. They are easy to attach and stow away when not in use.

Rain Shoes Cover

Do you have a pair of hiking shoes or rain boots? We also have rain shoe covers that protect against the elements while you're out adventuring. They are waterproof and breathable while being lightweight so they don't weigh you down on your travels.

More Gear for the Outdoors

Looking to protect more than just your backpack? We have a whole host of gear to protect you on your travels. If you're going camping, our tents will keep you safe and cozy at the end of your trip. Our camping furniture such as camping chairs and tables make your trip more comfortable and our camping showers help you refresh after your adventures. If you're going hunting, we have hunting knives and bags to keep your gear safe. If you're fishing, we have fishing gear and bags to keep your gear safe in the water. If you're going out in the snow, we have snowshoes and snowboards to get you through the powder. And if you're going out in the rain, we have rain jackets and pants to keep you dry on your way there and back.