Backpack With Pockets

Backpack With Pockets

About Our Backpack with Pockets Collection

Going hiking in the fall? Spending some time on the soccer field? Prepping for your next marathon or your next big vacation? Looking to do some yoga or even just chill? Whatever your sport, Decathlon’s Artengo brand has the gear you need. 

Backpack with Pockets

We have a variety of backpacks to suit your every need. They’re designed to be comfortable while staying secure and stable so nothing spills while you’re on the go. Our hiking backpacks feature pockets for storing all your gear and our shoulder bags have pockets for storing your things close at hand. If you’re looking for something more compact, we have a line of travel backpacks that are perfect for your adventures abroad and your everyday adventures at home. They come with many pockets so you can store all your gear and more. If you’re looking for something even more compact, we have a line of travel wallets to store your passport, cards, and cash on your journeys. 

Jackets & Vests

Going out in the cold? We have a whole host of jackets and vests to prepare you for the elements. Whether you’re hiking in the mountains or cycling through the forest, our jackets will keep the wind at bay and the rain off your back. They’re lightweight and flexible so they don’t hinder your movements. Some are even water repellent or waterproof. If you’re looking for something extra to keep the cold at bay, we have fleece jackets and throws to keep you cozy. Once the cold weather passes, our rainwear will keep you going when it starts to drizzle.