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Laser Rangefinder Golf 900

Includes slope function, x6 Zoom,1300 yard range, and +1/-1 precision.

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Laser Rangefinder Golf 900 designed for measuring distances on golf courses

This rangefinder lets you quickly measure distances, with or without slope compensation. It includes functions such as target priority and measurement confirmation by vibration Rewarded Best Value

+/- 1 m (+/- 1 yd)


Min-Max: 5 m - 1200 m (5.4 - 1300 yd) Flag: 320 m (350 yd) Tree: 640 m (700 yd)



Compact design

105 x 73 x 39 mm 4.1 x 2.9 x 1.5 in


6.2 oz

Battery life

5000 measurements


Awarded the 2019 Best Value rangefinder by MyGolfSpy because of its "exceptional accuracy, simple slope activation, quick pin seeking technology, and affordability." Out of the dozens of products reviewed, we are honored and proud to be selected as having one of the best products on the market. Read the full article here:

Accurate and fast distances

With the Inesis Laser 900 rangefinder, you can quickly measure all the important distances for your game on the course, in meters or in yards, according to your preference. Whether you want to know the distance to the flag, fly over a bunker or place your ball on a dogleg, this rangefinder is the ideal tool to help you always make the right choice of club.

Progress faster

The Inesis Laser 900 rangefinder is the perfect companion to help you progress. Practicing your distances with a rangefinder is the best way to check the actual distance traveled with each shot and therefore calibrate your clubs. This will allow you to measure the efficiency of your swing and make the right decision when choosing the clubs you need to cover all distances.

Single or continuous measurement

A short press on the capture button lets you measure a distance while a long press lets you scan an area and the measurement will update in real time.

Slope and compensated distance function

When the flag is uphill, you will need to use a club that lets you travel more distance than if you played a flat shot. Similarly, for a downhill flag, you will have to choose a club to travel less distance. The Inesis Laser 900 rangefinder provides you with the angle and the compensated distance to help you choose the right club.

Approved for competition

Distance compensation is not allowed in a competition. You can activate it by pulling the ring around the eyepiece, and deactivate it by pushing back this ring. As such, during your training sessions, you will be able to progress in estimating the compensated distance during shots played with a slope difference, while being able to use your Inesis Laser 900 rangefinder during competitions by deactivating the compensated distance function.

Target priority function

In order to be sure that you are measuring the distance to the flag and not to the trees behind it, the Inesis Laser 900 rangefinder has a first target priority function that isolates the flag from the background for a more reliable and fast measurement.

Measurement confirmation by vibration

When the Inesis Laser 900 rangefinder measures a distance, this is confirmed by a vibration. You can disable this vibration confirmation if necessary.

Accessible and protected

The semi-rigid carry case protects your Inesis Laser 900 rangefinder in play and during transport. In play, you can leave the zipper open for quick access to your rangefinder and close the case with the elastic band to stop it from falling out. This rangefinder is certified IPX2 (can handle light rain).


- Inesis Laser 900 rangefinder - Protective case - Snap hook - Cleaning cloth - 1 lithium CR2 battery - User guide

Inesis design process

We design our products to give you what you are looking for to play the game. INESIS is a team of golf enthusiasts that, thanks to your feedback, further develops each product so that playing golf is always a source of enjoyment.


Structure : 50.0% Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, Structure : 30.0% Polycarbonate - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Structure : 20.0% Rubber - thermoplastic Deck : 50.0% Battery - Lilo, Deck : 30.0% Epoxy, Deck : 20.0% Copper Lens : 100.0% Mineral glass Frame : 100.0% Nickel brass



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