Breathable Socks

Breathable Socks

About Our Breathable Socks Collection

Our in-house hiking & camping brand, Quechua, designs a wide range of breathable socks to keep you comfortable in all of your adventures.


Quechua is our in-house hiking & camping brand, with a design center in Mont-Blanc, France that researches and develops eco-friendly and innovative products. Here, they design socks that are comfortable and provide the perfect amount of cushioning while maintaining breathability. The socks also feature moisture wicking technology to keep your feet dry during your most demanding activities.

Sport Socks

For a sportier look, our sport socks feature a tighter knit to provide additional cushioning and moisture wicking technology. They're designed to be lightweight and flexible so you can move freely without sacrificing comfort. These socks are perfect for running, cycling, and other sports that put your feet through their paces.