Breathable Underwear

Breathable Underwear

About Our Breathable Underwear Collection

Looking to keep cool this summer? Decathlon's Wedze brand has you covered. We design breathable underwear to keep you cool while you're on the move. Breathability is the measure of how well a material or garment transfers moisture from the inside to the outside so it can be released. Breathability is affected by the material of the garment and the design of the garment. Breathability is enhanced by the perforations and mesh panels on our underwear so your body can keep cool.

Breathable Apparel for Men and Women

At Decathlon, we have a wide variety of breathable underwear and shirts for men and women. We design shirts that move with you and keep up with your demanding lifestyle. Our moisture wicking technology helps to keep you dry during your workouts and our breathable underwear ensures you won't feel weighed down on your travels.

Rainy Day, Sunny Day

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, you need gear that can handle the elements. Our waterproof jackets protect you against rain, wind, and even snow. We also design rain pants that combine durability and breathability to keep you comfortable while hiking in the great outdoors. If you already have a jacket and just need a new pair of pants, we have accessories to complete your new adventure gear.