Climbing Boots

Climbing Boots

About Our Climbing Boots Collection

If you're going into the mountains, you need the right gear for the job. If you're going hiking, you'll need comfortable shoes to traverse difficult terrain. If you're going rock climbing, you'll need tough and flexible footwear that moves with you so you can reach new heights. Our in-house hiking & camping brand, Quechua, designs and develops some of the best hiking and camping gear around.

Hiking Boots

Our hiking boots are designed to be comfortable while demanding a lot of themselves. They're rugged and waterproof so you can stay on the move even in bad weather. They're also equipped with special technology to keep a grip on difficult terrain.

Rock Climbing & Mountaineering Boots

Our rock climbing and mountaineering boots are designed to be tough, with a sticky rubber that increases traction on the rock. They're flexible so you can move with ease while maintaining a secure fit. The elastic helps reduce the risk of injuries.

Hiking Shoes

Our hiking shoes are perfect for your travels no matter what you're doing on the road, in the mountains, or in the city. They're made to be durable and waterproof so they can handle the elements and withstand the abuse of all your travels. The rubber is stickier on the sole to ensure a secure grip on uneven surfaces.