Cycling Helmets

Cycling Helmets

About Our Cycling Helmet Collection

At Decathlon, we have many in-house cycling brands, each one geared exclusively to meet your needs whether you're riding on the road, in the mountains, or maneuvering through the forest. 


Artengo is our in-house cycling brand, with a design center in Montréal, Canada. Artengo designs road bikes, mountain bikes, and urban bikes that are perfect for your commute and your next adventure. We have helmets designed to be comfortable and secure while riding. They are designed to be lightweight while also protecting you in the event of a fall. Our helmets are designed to be durable, flexible, and to withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain and wind. Some even have integrated lights for riding at night!

Cycling Apparel and Accessories

If you’re looking for a new pair of cycling shoes or a new set of pedals, we have the perfect ones for your needs. We also design sets of cycling clothing that are durable, flexible, and comfortable so that you can feel safe and secure on your ride. For those with more serious needs, we provide sets of cycling accessories that are durable and secure, keeping you safe on the road. 


If you’re looking for a bike, whether for racing or for your commute to work, we have the perfect one for you. Our bikes are durable, powerful, and safe, going up steep climbs and enduring tough weather. And if you already have a bike but need some new accessories or parts, we’ve got you covered.