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Women's Dance Leg Warmers
Women's Dance Leg Warmers
Women's Dance Leg Warmers
Women's Dance Leg Warmers

Women's Dance Leg Warmers

Warm up your ankles before lessons.

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Women's Dance Leg Warmers designed for warm ups for ballet or modern dance

Leg warmers are recommended for wearing during warm-ups to keep you comfy and stop you from getting cold. Suitable for dancers of all levels.
Thermal insulation

Fabric that helps warm up your muscles.


Elasticated hems.

Why wear Domyos leg warmers?

Leg warmers are great for wearing before and after classes in order to keep your muscles warm. Warming up is an essential step whatever your standard of dancing. We offer a wide range of simple, colorful leg warmers for wearing during warm-ups.

How do you choose your ballet outfit?

Traditional ballet outfits are often recommended or required by dance teachers. They are normally worn without a base layer.
The combination of a leotard and tights helps to hold the outfit together and avoids it moving around, whatever the moves performed.
The perfect outfit for a dancer combines the following: a leotard, tights, demi pointe shoes, and to ensure that muscles remain warm before and after the lesson, we recommend wearing a wrap as well.

Product Testing

This product has undergone washing and drying tests to ensure it retains its shape and color. These tests are performed regularly by an external laboratory to confirm that our quality requirements are always upheld.


One size


mottled gray.


Socks : 76.0% Acrylic, Socks : 22.0% Polyamide, Socks : 2.0% Spandex

Care Instructions

Wash at 86°F.


2 Years



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