Durable Fishing Rods

Durable Fishing Rods

About Our Durable Fishing Rod Collection

Looking to go fishing? If you’re going out on the water to catch some dinner, you’re going to need a rod and reel. Decathlon’s Artengo brand designs fishing rods that are perfect for both freshwater and saltwater excursions. Our rods are made from carbon fiber so they’re tough and flexible. The carbon fiber material is lightweight so it won’t weigh you down while you’re out on the water.

Fishing Reels

We also design reels that are perfect for reeling in your catch. Our reels are made with carbon fiber so they’re strong and durable, and the gears are precision-engineered so they’re smooth and easy to use. Our fishing line is made with special characteristics so it’s strong but doesn’t kink, and we have special fishing hooks that are durable and easy to attach.

Fishing Accessories

We design a variety of fishing accessories so you can be fully kitted out for your excursion. We design fishing rods and chairs so you can get the most out of your excursion. We also design fishing hooks and scoops so you can catch more than just a chill. For storage, we design fishing bags and cases so you can keep your whole kit in one place. For anglers of all skill levels, we design poles that are easy to use and hooks that are easy to attach.