Fiberglass Tube

Fiberglass Tube

About Our Fiberglass Paddles Collection

Looking to get out on the water? Our brand, Quechua, has everything you need to set up a fishing trip on land or sea. We have fishing rods and reels for freshwater and saltwater. They come in a variety of actions and lengths so you can find the one that's right for you. Our fishing rods are made with carbon fiber or fiberglass and are built to withstand the rough and demanding conditions of the sea.

Fishing Accessories

Our fishing reels are made to be durable while maintaining a smooth action so you can catch more fish. We also design a variety of accessories, such as fishing hooks and nets, to make your excursion even more successful.

Kayak Accessories

Quechua also carries a line of inflatable kayaks that come with their own pumps for easy setup on the go. Our kayaks are tough, featuring puncture-proof technology to ensure your trip stays fun and goes without a hitch. Our kayaks are built to be durable and safe, with some featuring a rigid bottom for enhanced performance in the water. Our inflatable kayaks come with all you need for your excursion, including a bag to keep your kayak in.