Fishing Braid

Fishing Braid

About Our Fishing Braid Collection

Looking to get into fly fishing? Want to improve your casting? Or are you just looking to go fishing in the great outdoors? Decathlon’s Artengo brand has all the fishing gear you need. We design our fishing lines and braids to be strong and durable so you can catch more and bigger fish. Our braids are strong and abrasion resistant, perfect for being cast in the wind and tangled around branches. They are also sensitive, allowing you to feel when you’ve caught a fish.

Rod and Reel Combos!

We also make fishing rods and reels! We have both spin and baitcast combos so you can fish in the way you prefer. Our fishing reels are made to be durable and powerful so you can land your catch without breaking a sweat. Our fishing rods are strong but flexible so you can cast in any condition.

Fishing Accessories

We also design accessories to make your fishing trip even more fun. We create fishing nets and bags so you can get your catch home and cook it up! We also design hooks and bobbers so you can get everything you need to start your next fishing adventure.