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Men's Ski Boots Wid 300
Men's Ski Boots Wid 300
Men's Ski Boots Wid 300
Men's Ski Boots Wid 300
Men's Ski Boots Wid 300
Men's Ski Boots Wid 300
Men's Ski Boots Wid 300
Men's Ski Boots Wid 300
Men's Ski Boots Wid 300
Men's Ski Boots Wid 300

Men's Ski Boots Wid 300

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Wed Ze

Men's Ski Boots Wid 300 designed for the beginner to intermediate skier seeking flexible and giving ski boots.

The Wid 300 boots are highly comfortable due to their generous size.

The flex of 70 is sufficiently flexible to begin and continue at your own pace.

Easy to put on

The double strap in front and behind allows for a large entry to the casing.


Good insulation to maintain heat.


4 micro-metric buckles of which 2 are adjustable at the shin. 30 mm strap.


No walking position.

Buckle adjustment

4 highly solid micro-metric aluminum hooks. You can adjust the length of the buckle by tightening or untightening the hook. 3-position top buckles to adapt to all calves. Strap on the leg for powerful and simple tightening from the top of the casing.


Wide sizing that is particularly comfortable while also offering good precision. The Women Fit inner boot, to be fitted around the calf, is adapted to the shape of women’s legs. Heel Pad ergonomics on the ankle bone mean the heel is firm. The fur clip and double strap of the inner boot ease putting on and removing the boot.

What is flex?

To provide an indication of rigidity, brands assign a flex rating to every boot. This number determines the rigidity for the whole product: the higher the value the straighter the casing. A flex of 60 is considered best for skiers of intermediate to advanced level. A flex level of 65 to 75 is intended for advanced skiers. Beyond that, the products are addressed to experts. The strong gauges can however increase by a level.

How do you try on ski boots?

Once the foot is in the boot close the hooks at a medium grip. Can you go further? This means that the boot’s size is not suited to you. Once your boots are closed, take 3 large stretches, pressing down hard on your shins (put your hands on your knees) in order to make your heel slide into the boot. Stand up straight: You should be able to skim the edge of the shell. When flexed, your foot should go backwards and you should no longer feel the end.

How do I easily put on my ski boots?

Pull the tongue up and away from your foot: this allows for a generous opening and greatly eases putting the boot on.

Product Testing

The Wed’ze ski boots are tested by professionals on ski slopes the Mont Blanc resorts.


Upper of : 100.0% Polypropylene\r\nLining and sock of : 100.0% Polyester cationic\r\nOuter sole of : 100.0% Polypropylene\r\nWarm lining : 100.0% Polyester cationic


Do not dry on a radiator.

Storage Instructions

Dry the boots before storage. Store them with buckles closed in a ski boot cover and at an ambient temperature.


2 Years



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