Freestyle Skateboards

Freestyle Skateboards

About Our Freestyle Skateboard Collection

Decathlon’s Artengo brand designs freestyle skateboards for all skill levels. Our skateboards are perfect for cruising around town and adventuring through your favorite spots. They feature a shape and weight that is comfortable and easy to handle while providing excellent control. The decks are made of maple wood or bamboo and are flexible so they can withstand the abuse of your daily commute or your trip to the skate park. The trucks and wheels are engineered to be durable and handle the road or the park. We design both top mount and drop-through skateboards for your needs. 

Skateboard Accessories

Our skateboard accessories include helmets, pads, and grips so you can stay safe and comfortable while you’re on the go. 

Skateboard Apparel

We have a wide range of apparel to keep you on the move. Our hardshell jackets are perfect for winter so you can stay warm while you’re out on the trails. For summer we create softshells and windbreakers to keep you protected from the elements while you’re out in the sun. We also design t-shirts and shorts to keep you cool while you’re out and about. For footwear, we design snowboard boots and hiking boots to keep you safe on snowy mountain peaks and tennis shoes and sneakers to keep you comfortable on the court. For all your athletic needs, we have soccer cleats and hockey gear to get you ready for your next big game.