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Try out Decathlon’s innovative tennis products so you don’t get served on the court.

This complete set has everything you need to get started on the court from a beginner to intermediate level. Check out the tennis section for more designs and products. Be sure to catch some good old California sun on the tennis courts this season while working on those power shots!

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Local Tips

Favorite S.F. Courts
It's true what they say, the best things in life are free. Here are some free to play tennis courts in different areas of the city with some awesome perks! The Mission Dolores Park Tennis Courts are some of the most popular because they are located right in the heart of the city. Although The Alice Marble Tennis Courts may be a bit windy, it is worth it to have an absolutely stunning view of both the ocean and the city. Or you could play at the Golden Gate Park Tennis Courts and take a nice stroll through the green park afterwards.

Decathlon Stringing Service
Decathlon has a fantastic tennis stringing program with 24-48 hour turnaround! The service is $10 if you bring your own strings, but free with purchase of Artengo by Decathlon's strings!

Helpful Tips

Fuzzy Yellow Balls
Want to improve your strokes? Improve your footwork? Stay stoic on the court? Fuzzy Yellow Balls is the place for you. The website has videos and article descriptions of almost anything you need to work on and even surprise guests like the Bryan brothers to give you some tips

Great Tennis Reads
Or maybe you want to step up your game in a casual way. This blog post has the best books you can read to enhance how you play. It's a great solution if you are too pressed on time to grab a court, but are still dedicated to improving your match play.

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