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Golf Putting Set
Golf Putting Set
Golf Putting Set
Golf Putting Set
Golf Putting Set
Golf Putting Set
Golf Putting Set
Golf Putting Set
Golf Putting Set

Golf Putting Set

Turn your house into a putting green

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Golf Putting Set designed for playing golf at home

Turn your house into a putting green
Easy to learn

The same feel as on a real golf green

Shock protection

The ball will not damage your furniture

"Golf at Home"

We designed the "Golf at Home" product range with the aim of letting you experiencing all the thrills of playing golf at home. Whether you are discovering, playing or practicing your skills, our products allow you to get the same enjoyment out of playing golf while in the comfort of your own home.

Our Putting Set lets you turn your home into a real Putting Green.

The ball

The ball is made around a real golf ball core with a polyurethane foam cover, which helps to create a similar ball roll speed as on a green, even on hard floors (wooden floors, tiles). Moreover, it makes no noise when it rolls, helping to keep things quiet indoors, and will not damage your furniture.

The hole cup

The hole cup reacts just like a real golf hole by capturing balls that have really rolled in. A ball that is too fast, for example, will "fly over" the hole cup.

The Putting Set experience

This realistic ball + hole cup combination lets you create your own putting course at home to have fun and practice with family or friends.

Set contents

- A hole cup
- 3 balls


Hole cup: 7.5" x 7.5" x 0.9"
Ball: 1.7" in diameter

Inesis design process.

We design our products to give you what you want when you golf. Thanks to your feedback, the Inesis team of golf enthusiasts develops each product so that golf is always a pleasure.


Structure : 80.0% Polypropylene, Structure : 20.0% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene\r\nBall : 50.0% Rubber - Natural Rubber - Latex, Ball : 50.0% Foamed Polyurethane


2 Years



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