Golf Hats

Golf Hats

About Our Golf hats Collection

Looking to stay cool on the golf course? Decathlon’s Inesis brand has you covered. Inesis has designed a variety of golf hats for men, women, and kids. 

Golf Visors

Our golf visors feature a sweatband so you can stay comfortable on the course. The back of the visor is made of a quick-drying material so you can get back to the clubhouse when you’re done. The fabric is lightweight so it doesn’t weigh you down on your travels. The elastic ensures a snug fit so you don’t have to worry about it coming loose mid-game. The fabric is also moisture wicking so you can stay dry even in humid conditions.

Golf Hats

Our golf hats are perfect for protecting your head during a game in the sun. The moisture wicking fabric keeps you cool while the stretchy material ensures a comfortable fit. The back of the hat is made of a quick-dry fabric so you can keep on playing. Our hats are durable, especially around the crown, so you can withstand the elements on the course. 

Golf Gloves

Our golf gloves are perfect for your game. They’re durable and flexible so you can handle your clubs without sacrificing any comfort or control. The moisture wicking material ensures your hands stay dry during even your most demanding games. Our gloves are durable and flexible so you can handle your clubs without any hindrance. 

Golf Shoes

Our golf shoes are perfect for your short game. They’re lightweight and flexible so you can move around freely on the course. The durable soles prevent wear and tear while maintaining a stable footing on the turf. Our shoes feature a shock-absorbing material so you can handle even your most demanding putts.