Golfing Pants

Golfing Pants

About Our Golfing Pants Collection

Inesis, our in-house golf brand, prides itself on being innovators in the golf industry. They create golfing gear that is both comfortable and durable so you can make the most out of your time on the green, be it a golf course or in your backyard. Inesis designs both men's and women's golf pants that are both breathable and water resistant so you can stay comfortable while you're on the course. The pants feature stretch material so you can move freely while you play. The pockets are placed in places that won't inhibit your swing so you can keep going without breaks.

Golf Shirts and Accessories

Our golf shirts are made of moisture wicking material so you can stay cool and dry on the course. The collars are comfortable and flexible so they won't inhibit your movement. We also design golf gloves that are durable but flexible so you can maintain a strong grip on your clubs. Our socks are cushioned so you can be comfortable on your travels.

Golf Shoes

Our golf shoes are durable but flexible so you can maintain a powerful stride on the green. They're made with grip so you can stay stable on the turf. Our shoes feature moisture wicking technology so you can stay dry even during intense sessions.