Hiking Mat

Hiking Mat

Discover Our Hiking Mats for Ultimate Comfort

Explore the great outdoors with Decathlon's range of hiking mats. Designed to provide you with a comfortable and restful sleep during your outdoor adventures, our hiking mats are a must-have for any hiker or camper. With a variety of options to choose from, you can find the perfect mat to suit your needs and preferences.

Superior Insulation and Comfort

Our hiking mats feature advanced insulation technology that keeps you warm and comfortable throughout the night. The insulating foam or air chambers provide excellent thermal insulation, preventing the cold ground from affecting your sleep. With their ergonomic design and cushioning properties, our mats offer optimal comfort, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready for your next adventure.

Compact and Lightweight

We understand the importance of lightweight and compact gear when it comes to hiking. That's why our hiking mats are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry. Whether you choose a folding foam mattress or an inflatable option, our mats are compact enough to fit in your backpack without adding unnecessary weight. You can enjoy a good night's sleep without compromising on space or convenience.