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Curated By Iago

Decathlonian, advanced skier

Glide down the slopes with our ski gear!

People in California love to glide, whether it's through surfing, snowboarding or skiing. This winter, it doesn't matter if you're flying out to Aspen or doing a short trip to Boreal. We've got you covered with our hand-picked selection of ski gear.

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Men's Ski Jacket Slide 900

From $189.00

Men's Ski Pants Slide 900


Men's Ski Boots Wid 500


Men's Skis Boost 500


Get it all for $672

Favorite California slopes

Mt. Rose
I usually practice skiing at Mt. Rose. It's close to San Francisco, where I've been living for the past 6 months, and is full of young people. The mood there is great!

Boreal Mountain Resort

Boreal is full of young people, too, and the snow is fantastic.



The ski magazine Powder publishes reports of trips to different ski areas of the United States. You also find good reviews of ski equipment and great images. I love photography, so this is really attractive to me.

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