Rider Gear

 About Our Rider Gear

Are you just starting horseback riding lessons? Looking to spend some time with your horse on the trail or beach? Whatever your skill level, Decathlon’s Fouganza brand has the right gear for you. Our riding gear includes leather boots, chaps, and more! We develop both full-length jodhpur boots as well as ankle boots for riding. They sport a comfortable fit and are easy to put on. The soles are perfect for stirrups, with some featuring lugged soles for increased grip on rough ground. Our horseback riding boots are durable as they’re made with stitched and glued fronts and backs for added sturdiness. The elastic provides even more comfort while riding.  

Breeches and Jodhpurs

Our breeches and jodhpurs help you improve your grip while on the saddle. They are made of abrasion-resistant material so they last longer no matter how often you ride. The stretch fabric ensures you won’t have to worry about sacrificing comfort for performance. Some of the fabric even features moisture-wicking technology so you can stay cool and dry. Our gloves feature great grip and rein resistance. They’re comfortable and easy to wear and don’t get in the way of your handling. For chilly days, we have warm coats that are waterproof for protection against drizzles and have vents or fabric technology that promote breathability. Don’t forget your helmet!

Kit out your Horse

Looking to kit out your horse? We have saddlecloths and rugs that are durable and made of material that ensure maximum comfort. Our reins and halters are made of durable leather and are easy to adjust. Fouganza also designs snaffles, bits, stirrups and other accessories that are a must for new and experienced riders alike. And if you want to look after your horse with some horse care products, we’ve got you covered! If you’re new, get out there! You’ll really enjoy the benefits!