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With the proper tools to get the job done, ride up and down the San Francisco Bay Area's challenging landscape in style.

San Francisco's Bay Area provides a plethora of different places to enjoy the beautiful sport of cycling. Tackle legitimate climbs such as the one up to Mount Tam or enjoy the coastal views while riding on Highway 1 toward Stinson Beach. Experience it all with proper-quality B'Twin apparel and bikes, and you won't be the last one to the top -- or the cafe -- once you complete your ride.

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Favorite California routes

Marin Headlands
Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge on a bicycle is a rite of passage. Once on the northern side, you can get a good workout, even if you're short on time. Climb up to Hawk Hill and loop your way back to the Bridge via its backside.

Mount Tamelpais' East Peak
This is San Francisco's "mountain." With 25 miles to the top -- and 10 of them ascending -- each and every rider who makes it to the top for the first time has definitely earned their Bay Area Cycling Degree. Its irregular profile makes it even more so challenging, but the views from the top are worth the ticket price.

Paradise Loop
The loop is a major staple of Bay Area cycling. It is relatively a flat route from San Francisco, but only when compared to all the other options nearby! Halfway through the ride, once in Tiburon, riders can enjoy a croissant and a coffee while contemplating whether the trip back to the city will be by bike or ferry.

Highway 1 to Stinson
This is a tough yet beautiful ride. Riding to Stinson Beach via the iconic Highway 1, riders will be able to enjoy beautiful views while riding over rolling terrain. Once in Stinson, there are many ways to keep on having fun on the saddle, each with its own challenges!


As the saying goes, "If it's not on Strava, it didn't happen!" This app will allow you to log your rides in order to monitor your fitness level and compare it with others or your past self. It's a great way to add some spice to your cycling rides by including a sprinkle of social media.

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