Inflatable Canoes

Inflatable Canoes

About Our Inflatable Canoe Collection

Are you going on a camping trip? Spending some time on the water? Whether you’re on a lake or river, a canoe is a great way to get around while staying in nature. Decathlon’s inflatable canoes are perfect for your excursion. They’re durable, stable, and lightweight so you can take one or more with you on your travels. They come in a variety of sizes so you can pick the one that best suits your group!


If you’re looking for a boat that’s a little more stable, our inflatable boats are perfect for fishing on the water. They’re durable, stable, and come with their own storage bag for easy transport. And if you’re looking for something more powerful, we also have a range of motorized boats that are perfect for a leisurely ride or a serious hunt. 

Boating Accessories

No adventurer is complete without the right gear. Whether you’re on the water or on dry land, Decathlon has the right gear for your next adventure. For your excursions on the water, we have lifejackets, paddles, and other accessories to keep you safe. For your boat, we have seats, steering systems, and other parts to keep you going. And if something breaks, we have spare parts for your repair. No adventurer is complete without the right gear, and Decathlon is there to make sure you have everything you need to succeed.