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Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Dropstich High Pressure Adventure 1 Person Inflatable Kayak

Sale price: $1,299.00 Regular price:

The rigid kayak that fits in a backpack, would you believe it? We innovate! Powerful, light, robust, and easy to inflate, the Strenfit kayak takes you on long-distance trips all year round!

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Sale price: $1,299.00 Regular price:

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About this item:

  • Rigid and portable inflatable kayak using drop stitch technology
  • V-shape Hull for glide performance & maneuverability
  • 10PSI, Inflate in 3 minutes!
  • Storage space using the rear hatch
  • Adjustable Footrest
  • Pump and Paddle Sold Separately
Model: 8666959

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Product Features

Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Dropstich High Pressure Adventure 1 Person Inflatable Kayak | We worked with a naval architect to design this inflatable kayak for intermediate kayakers. Tour all day long at sea or on lakes or calm rivers.

The rigid kayak that fits in a backpack, would you believe it? We innovate! Powerful, light, robust, and easy to inflate, the Strenfit kayak takes you on long-distance trips all year round!

A photo of the Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Dropstich High Pressure Adventure 1 Person Inflatable Kayak in use


2 cleverly placed cargo areas to transport up to 275 lbs, you included :)

Glide performance

Great sensations! The V-shaped hull limits friction on the water.

Easy assembly/dismantling

Inflate in 3 minutes using a double-action hand pump to 10 PSI (0.7 bar)

User comfort

A very dense foam seat suitable for your full-day touring.

Anatomical design

Adjust the footrests to your size in the cockpit area whenever you want.


The coating lets you use your spray deck so that you can paddle in all seasons


Reinforcements in the areas exposed to friction, leaving you free to paddle.

Quick dry

The kayak is waterproof. Simply dry it with a towel.

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Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Dropstich High Pressure Adventure 1 Person Inflatable Kayak,unspecified 

Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Dropstich High Pressure Adventure 1 Person Inflatable Kayak,unspecified 

Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Dropstich High Pressure Adventure 1 Person Inflatable Kayak,unspecified 

Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Dropstich High Pressure Adventure 1 Person Inflatable Kayak,unspecified 

Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Dropstich High Pressure Adventure 1 Person Inflatable Kayak,unspecified

Questions & Answers

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What type of pressure valve does the Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Inflatable Kayak use for inflating? Thanks!


This kayak uses the High pressure Bravo valve. The same type you find on most of the SUPs.

By Yann on June 6, 2023 | STAFF

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Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Dropstich High Pressure Adventure 1 Person Inflatable Kayak,unspecified
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X500 - Feels like hard shell

Overall, I was happy with my purchase and the kayak feels sturdy, stable and tracks well almost like a hard shell kayak. I would recommend it. Feel: It feels like a hard shell kayak on the bottom and sides (not top). I don't notice any flexing. Like a SUP you can literally stand up on on. Stability: It's quite stable. However if you are a beginner it may feel a bit unstable until your skills improve. For anyone else who has owned sea kayaks or smaller this is a great. This is a V bottom kayak which is impressive for an inflatable. I would have been happy with an inch narrower. Tracking: It tracks well but without a rudder there will always be minor corrections when you stop padding. In other angles it tracks like any other sea kayak depending on the wind and waves. In the waves: In 2-3 foot waves and heavy boat traffic it feels safe. When the waves come up behind you, which you normally have to watch for anyways, the nose does stays up since there is a lot more volume up there. What can be improved. 1 - The seat is hard both on the bottom and back. I had to put 1/2" pads on both. There is excellent back support but you have to pad it. 2 - The weight is a bit at 40lbs. Not something I carry on my back (I'm 150lbs). The way the straps are setup there is too much weight on top. So i just cart it. So in short, pls add wheels to the case like the double. 3. Considering the performance aspect of the kayak, there is limited support for your knees if you're trying to angle the kayak (The top is a cover and not hard). I would have definitively added straps for the knees against the bottom for those times I'm in waves and want more control (feature request). 4. The Canadian site did not have the spray skirt for sale which is unfortunate. The rim of the cockpit is "a hard rubber ring" but it can't take as much pull as a hard shell. Additionally, you need a thin rim on the spray skirt otherwise it will not get under the lip. For the moment I'm using a cheaper nylon skirt that leaks but keeps me mostly dry.

Very happy with the tradeoffs this kayak

There are a lot of things to be loved in this kayak, and there are also a few tradeoffs. Stability : this kayak is tippy, but I didn’t find this as problematic as other people did and could manage it pretty quickly. To me, the hardest is to get in and out from a pier, but still very doable. The bright side is that this kayak is as fast a normal hard shell one, thanks to the V shape haul and the high pressure of the chambers. Compared to my previous very stable inflatable kayak, I probably go twice as fast. As others stated, not inflating the main chamber to the max 10 psi also helps to lower the learning curve. Portability : the bag is a bit bigger and a bit heavier than I first tough. It does fold easily and the compact storage size is clearly a big positive point. The bag is big enough to add the pump, the paddles and a PFD. But getting around with it, if you don’t have a car, isn’t as convenient as I wished. I am able to bike with it on my back, but I do recognize that not everyone will be able to sustain such a weight on long distances. If you have a car with a few passengers, the main issue will be the space it takes in your trunk. Durability and price : at this price, I do hope to keep this kayak for a few years. The quality and the material seems nice, which is the same then the paddleboard decathlon sells. Others : I wish this kayak had a watertight compartment like most hardshell kayaks offers, but the back part isn’t close from the cabin, so water get in if you aren’t using a skirt. You might want to buy a waterproof bag. Also, at that price point (which makes it one of the most expensive options), I would have found it nice to include a paddle, the skirt and/or the pump, which aren’t. Conclusion : if portability, storage and performance are your main criteria, I truly believe this product is a game changer and absolutely value the high price. If you are beginning in Kayaking, maybe you would prefer to check a cheaper and more stable option. If portability and storage are no issue, then a hard shell kayak is probably still better for you until the price of those goes down. I am still giving 5 stars because this product is totally fulfilling my needs.

For sports, not for touring, bad valves

Valves difficult to operate, the advantage of quick filling lost. No stability, you keep you balance with the paddle and going fast. Stop to take photographs and you end up swimming with your camera. No straps to secure the paddle. I don't find the cayak heavy compared to others. The technological innovation is good, but they need to find better valves and make a touring version with better stability. Now you cannot let your friends try it or it will end up bad.


We are sorry that the experience with this kayak was not really positive. We work hard to offer our sportsmen and women quality products and your feedback will help us to improve the quality of this product. 
To improve the stability of your kayak, you can inflate the bottom to 5PSI instead of 10PSI it will naturally flatten, the kayak will be deeper in the water, therefore more stable. It is also possible to load the kayak so that it sinks deeper.
We hope to see you soon at Decathlon.
Best regards,
Team Decathlon
Itiwit x 500

It seems to be a good bit of kit, used only very briefly to make sure it was complete. Expected it to be unstable based on other reviews but I didnt feel unstable at all and I'm looking forward to new adventures.

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Performs great, but made rubish

I love the X500, it's fast and light weight. It is such a shame that Decathlon send out damaged products and fail to address the major floor with the seat and the bladder behind the seat. Had two now and both the same issue, The latest just arrived and had a leak on arrival. Totally unacceptable,

Really great kayak

This is my second ITIWIT x500. Was so impressed with the first I bought another for a summer house in Sweden. It takes very little time to inflate and is super quick in the water. Can feel a little unstable on first paddle but you do get used to it. The bag is brilliant and very well made, unlike other brands.

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Warning - variations in model versions

Read reviews about stability issues online, but reviews referred to an older "V1" model. Went on live-chat to ask whether or not my local store stocked the newer or older model, was assured they were the newer models. I then went in-store and asked an employee who also said there was "no older stock". Was not allowed to open the kayak and inflate in-store to confirm this myself. Purchased the kayak only to take it out to the river and find out that it was indeed an older model with the V shaped hull and found it unstable in the water, even with prior kayaking experience.


Despite numerous attempts to purchase an Itiwit spray deck for my X500 1 person kayak, I have today (19/12/22) been informed that they are no longer available. I purchased the kayak in July and in September I was told by Decathlon that the spray decks would be available in December. As a touring kayak it should have a spray deck. I am very disappointed.

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Itiwit x500 first impressions

The upfront service from Decathlon was excellent and my kayak arrived promptly. I was a little alarmed to have found a "product returned" correspondence in the box along with some other rubbish. Anyway, a few days later, I tested the kayak out and found the set up was remarkably quick and easy. Once on the water, it was stable and reassuring but my paddling skills were probably to blame for the poor tracking rather than the boat. I checked to make sure that the Kayak was straight and it was perfectly straight all the way down the centre. The only real disappointment was when I got back to shore, I noticed that the air chamber behind the seat had deflated. I pumped it back up only to find a pin hole leak. From looking at social media, this seems to be an issue with the itiwit x500. I could have probably of sent it back but given the comments on social media, I have just patched it up. It's not what I expected to have to do with a brand new expensive item but it just felt tge easiest option.

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X500 kayak single person

Bought to replace my X100 kayak. Great kayak takes a little time to get use to the narrower width than my X100 and adjust your balance but certainly worth it. A lot more speed for less effort.

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X500 kayak

I haven't used my X500 kayak yet but found it quick and easy to inflate. The material is of excellent quality and feels very sturdy. Very impressed with the speedy delivery

Brilliant inflatable kayak

Bought last year, as an upgrade from an Itiwit 1 person inflatable. It obviously feels more "tippy", as it's longer, thinner, and more V-shaped. Once I got used to it, though, I am thoroughly impressed. It looks great, and has received many admiring comments from walkers (I mainly paddle on canals) and other paddlers. It tracks really well, and is quick and easy to set up, and to pack away, with great storage (I love the "net" on the front, which is perfect for my small rucksack with my water, etc). Have only tipped out once, when I was getting in and my foot slipped and threw my balance way off! Once in the water it feels stable, even when not moving. For the price, compared to others I was looking at, it's great value for money, and I only wish I'd upgraded sooner...

She's Stable... UPDATE

In my first review of this Kayak I said the one thing I had a problem with was that the Bag was a bit small. However, I can now take that back as I found out if you simply use a second strap a round the Yak before you place it in the bag then it fits with ease. Such a shame the Yak only comes with the one orange strap to hold it together when packing a way, because using a strap at the top and one at the bottom makes it fit the bag so well.