Kids Ski Jacket

Kids Ski Jacket

About Our Kids Ski Jackets Collection

At Decathlon, we have an in-house ski brand, Wedze, designed exclusively for skiing in the mountains and on the snow. Our ski jackets are designed to be warm, waterproof, and some are even insulated. They feature breathable material so you don't get too hot on the slopes.

Kids Ski Pants

Our ski pants are designed to be warm, waterproof, and some are even insulated. They're flexible so you can move around while you're on the slopes. Our ski pants feature pockets so you can store your gear on the mountain.

Kids Ski Gloves

We design gloves that are perfect for the snow and the cold weather. They're warm, waterproof, and some even have insulation. They are flexible so you can handle your gear without a hitch. They're made to be durable so they can last through all your adventures in the mountains.

Kids Ski Socks and Shoes

Our socks are designed to be warm and comfortable while on the mountain. They're breathable and moisture wicking so your feet can stay dry. They're also engineered to be extra cushioned so your feet can stay comfortable even on long hikes. We also design special shoes for kids who ski and snowboard. They're durable and waterproof so they last through all your snowy adventures. They're lightweight so they don't weigh you down, and some have additional cushioning and grip for added safety and control.

Kids Ski Apparel Accessories

We also design accessories such as helmets and goggles for your winter excursions. If you already have all you need, then store it in a snowproof backpack for your next trip to the mountains or the ski resort.