Kids Skis

Kids Skis

About Our Kids Ski Collection

At Decathlon, we have an in-house ski brand, Wedze, designed specifically for your needs on the mountain. Whether you're heading up the mountain for the first time, or are training to compete in the next winter Olympics, we have the right gear for you.

Kids Skiing Gear

Our kids' ski gear is designed to be safe and comfortable so you can learn how to ski or improve your technique without restraint. We design our ski boots so they're easy to put on and our ski bindings are easy to adjust so you can get out on the slopes ready to go. Our ski helmets protect you against falls on the hard snow and our jackets are designed to be warm without being cumbersome so you can move about freely on the mountains. We even have kids' goggles that are perfect for your first outing in the snow!

Kids Downhill Skis

If you're looking to go down the mountain, we have kids' downhill skis that are perfect for learning at the beginner to intermediate level. Our kids' ski poles help you keep your balance on the slopes and our kids' backpacks keep your hands free while you're on your way up. If you're already an expert, we have kids' ski boots and kids' ski socks to keep you moving on the snow.