Kids Wetsuit

Kids Wetsuit

About Our Kids' Wetsuits Collection

At Olaian, our in-house surf brand, we design a variety of kids' wetsuits to suit your needs whether you're in the water or out of the water.


Neoprene is a material that's perfect for staying warm in the water. It's lightweight and flexible so it doesn't weigh you down in the water and doesn't hinder your movement. Neoprene is also quick-drying so you can get back in the water in no time. It's also resistant to saltwater, so you can feel safe in the ocean no matter what time of year.

Wetsuit Accessories

We design our own accessories for men, women, and kids so you can get everything you need to enjoy your time in the water. We design wetsuit boots so you can get a secure grip on your board, and wetsuit gloves so you can handle your catches without getting cold. We even design wetsuit hoodies so you can stay warm while you're out in the elements.

If you're looking for more gear, we also design wetsuit masks so you can see underwater, wetsuit booties so you can walk on the sea floor, wetsuit socks so you can feel secure in your boots, wetsuit goggles so you can see clearly underwater, wetsuit apparel so you can stay warm in the water, and wetsuit life jackets so you can stay safe in an emergency.