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Kite Boarding

Here is the first wave of our Kite Boarding products.
Our Brand is working on making sure every Decathlon product will become available throughout the US.
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Surf Kites View All Products

Power Kite 0.6 m2 with Bar


Kitesurf Traction Kite Zeruko 1.2 m2 + Steering Handles


Kitesurf Wing Power Kite 1.2 m2 + Bar


Kitesurf Wing Power Kite 20.5 sq. ft. + Bar


Kite Steering Handles Zeruko Traction 2.5 m2 +


Kite Steering Handles Zeruko Traction 3.5 m2 +


Bags View All Products

Kitesurfing Cover for Twin-Tip Kitesurfing Boards 900


Kitesurf Board Bag 100


Kitesurf Board Bag / Sock Cover 100


Kite Surfing Kite Compression Bag 100

From $9,999.00

Kites View All Products

Stunt Kite with Carbon Tubes R244


Stunt Kite with Carbon Tubes R201


Dyneema 60 kg Sheathed Line


Kite Polyester Lines 2 x 25 m (82 ft.)


Carbon Tube 6mm x 170cm


Connector Kit 6 mm