Lightweight Soccer Balls

Lightweight Soccer Balls

About Our Lightweight Soccer Balls Collection

At Decathlon, we have many in-house soccer brands– including Puma soccer balls– to bring you the best soccer gear at the best prices. 


Artengo is our soccer brand, with a focus on creating high-quality soccer balls at an affordable price. Artengo soccer balls are made with special butyl bladders that are durable and maintain their shape over time. The foam is soft but tough. It’s flexible and perfect for all types of playing surfaces. 

Soccer Apparel and Accessories

At Decathlon, we have a whole host of soccer products, including soccer shoes, shin guards, goalkeeping gloves, and more. We also have socks that keep up with your every move on the field. And don’t forget about our soccer balls–we have a variety of sizes and types for different types of play. 

Soccer Accessories

We also have a whole host of accessories for your soccer needs. We have the perfect soccer nets to improve your game in your backyard, a ball pump to keep your ball at optimum performance, and a collection of soccer training aids to improve your skills on the field.