Long Sleeve Workout Shirts

Long Sleeve Workout Shirts

About Our Long Sleeve Workout Shirts Collection

Looking to stay warm this winter? Decathlon’s Artengo sport brand has everything you need to make the most out of your workouts this winter, whether you’re running in the cold or hanging out by the fire.

Long Sleeve Workout Shirts

We have a variety of long sleeve workout tops to match your needs. They are made out of moisture wicking material to keep you dry during your workout. They are light and flexible so they don’t constrain your movement while you run or do another exercise. Many of our tops are part of a complete set that includes shorts and pants to get you ready for your next run, bike, or hike.


We also have a line of fleece jackets and sweatshirts for the colder seasons. They are made out of warm material so you can stay cozy by the fire while you watch your favorite movie. Our fleece jackets and sweatshirts are made out of breathable material so you can stay cool while you exercise. Some of our fleece jackets feature water-resistant technology so you can brave the elements while you’re out hiking or hunting. 

Long Sleeve Workout Shirts for Men and Women

No matter what sport you’re doing and what season you’re in, we have the perfect long sleeve workout shirt for you! No matter what sport you do, we’ve got you covered. Our long sleeve tops are perfect for cycling, running, hiking, and more! We also make base layers to keep you cozy while you’re out doing what you love.