Memory Foam Bike Seat Covers

Memory Foam Bike Seat Covers

About Our Memory Foam Bike Seat Covers Collection

Want to ride longer? Take a break on our bike seat covers. The memory foam padding on the seat of your bike will ensure a comfortable ride. The gel is shock absorbent and will cushion your body during even your most aggressive rides. The covers are waterproof, protecting your seat from any elements and keeping you on the road.

Artengo Bike Accessories

At Decathlon, our in-house cycling brand Artengo designs and engineers our bike seats and saddles to ensure maximum comfort so you can ride as long as you want. Our anatomically-designed seats ensure comfort and control even in the saddle. We even have a saddle for men. If you’re looking for a gel saddle to improve your comfort, we have a range of gel saddles that are perfect for long rides. And if you’re looking for a new saddle, we have a wide range of saddles to choose from, including our exclusive Kium. Find out which saddle is right for you!

Bike Accessories

If you’re looking to customize your bike, we have everything you need. We have bike racks to carry all your gear with you on your trip, and we have bike lights to keep you safe at night. If you’re looking for a bike stand, we have a variety of stands that are perfect for storing your bike in your apartment. And if you’re looking for bike pumps, we have a wide range of pumps for both road and mountain bikes.