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Men's Walking Shoes HW 100
Men's Walking Shoes HW 100
Men's Walking Shoes HW 100
Men's Walking Shoes HW 100
Men's Walking Shoes HW 100
Men's Walking Shoes HW 100
Men's Walking Shoes HW 100
Men's Walking Shoes HW 100

Men's Walking Shoes HW 100

Lightweight and water repellent

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Men's Walking Shoes HW 100 designed for occasional power walking at a moderate pace.

Enjoy your power walking sessions thanks to the Newfeel HW 100 shoes that are flexible, lightweight and water repellent.

Provides flexibility thanks to the flex grooves in the outsole.


Synthetic reinforcements on the sides hold foot firmly.


Hard wearing thanks to its durable mesh upper.

Water repellent

Withstands light rain thanks to the synthetic upper.

Field testing of products

All Newfeel power walking shoes are tested by representative power walkers in authentic everyday training conditions (weather, speed, walk duration, variety of different terrains).These daily tests allow us to improve and validate the quality of our shoes.

Lab testing of products

Newfeel conducts laboratory tests on all our products to validate the properties and benefits of walking shoes.

What is power walking?

Power walking is a sport practiced at a rhythmic pace in sessions that can last from 30 minutes to several hours. Also known as active walking, it is performed on a gentle slope:the road, a pathway, even a treadmill.The speed of power walking varies depending on your goal, often between 3 and 6 mi/hr.For more information, please visit

Why is it important to choose a special shoe for power walking?

In power walking there is complete heel-to-toe transition, from the moment the heel hits the ground to the propulsion of the front of the foot. During this phase the foot is extremely arched.That's why power walking shoes need to be very supple!

What are the benefits of power walking?

Power walking is a complete and effective physical activity because it provides a work out for many of the muscles in your body. Like other sports, it offers many advantages for health and staying in shape. It is also one of the sports with least impact on joints. It's a gentle sport for exerting yourself.For more information, please visit

Product Testing

The Newfeel power walking shoes are tested in the field and the laboratory.

Height of upper



mesh textile.


7.9 oz per shoe size 10.


From 6.5 to 13.




Upper of : 50.0% Polyester cationic, Upper of : 50.0% Polyurethane\r\nOuter sole of : 90.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Outer sole of : 10.0% Rubber - Synthetic\r\nLining and sock of : 100.0% Polyester cationic

Storage Instructions

The Newfeel team recommends storing your power walking shoes in a dry, well-ventilated place away from light sources.


2 Years



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