Mesh Shoes Women's

Mesh Shoes Women's

About Our Mesh Shoes Collection

Looking to get started in running? Want to start a yoga practice? Or maybe you just want some new shoes for your current sport. Decathlon's Newfeel brand has the perfect pair of shoes for whatever you seek to do.

Running Shoes

Our running shoes are designed to be lightweight while maintaining optimal cushioning so you can experience great comfort and feel even the most demanding terrain. Our shoes feature enhanced cushioning and abrasion resistance. Our EVA foam is engineered to be lightweight while maintaining optimal cushioning and durability so you can get the most out of your runs.

Breathable Mesh Shoes

We engineer mesh shoes that are breathable while maintaining the right amount of cushioning. Our mesh shoes are engineered with a single-layer mesh that is breathable while being tough and durable. The open construction improves airflow, meaning your feet can breathe easy even during your most demanding runs.

Mens Mesh Shoes

Looking for running shoes for men? We design running shoes for men that are durable and comfortable while maintaining a lightweight feel so you can fly down the road. Our foam cushioning is soft yet durable and provides a comfortable ride. Our shock-absorbing technology reduces the amount of energy lost so you can maintain more energy for your next move.