Mountain Bike Gloves

Mountain Bike Gloves

About Our Mountain Bike Gloves Collection

At Decathlon, we have many in-house cycling brands, each one geared exclusively to meet your needs whether you're riding on the road, in the mountains, or maneuvering through the forest.

Mountain Bike Gloves

Our Rockrider mountain bike gloves are designed to be comfortable and breathable while maintaining a tight grip on the handlebar so you can maneuver with ease. The gloves feature carbon fiber knuckle protectors so you can stay safe while riding. The gloves are made out of a soft fabric so they feel nice against your skin while maintaining breathability.

Mens and Womens Mountain Bike Gloves

Our gloves are designed for both men and women. We have gloves that are meant for road cycling, as well as gloves that are more suited to off-road riding. Our road gloves are designed to be lightweight while maintaining a comfortable fit and a tight grip on the handlebar. Our mountain gloves are designed to withstand the challenges of rough terrain and unpredictable weather conditions. Whatever your cycling style, we have the perfect pair of gloves for you!


At Decathlon, we have a line of bikes that are perfect for whatever your riding style is. Whether you're staying on the road, off the road, or going off-grid, we have the perfect bike for your needs.