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Men's Mountaineering Jacket
Men's Mountaineering Jacket
Men's Mountaineering Jacket
Men's Mountaineering Jacket
Men's Mountaineering Jacket
Men's Mountaineering Jacket
Men's Mountaineering Jacket
Men's Mountaineering Jacket
Men's Mountaineering Jacket
Men's Mountaineering Jacket
Men's Mountaineering Jacket
Men's Mountaineering Jacket
Men's Mountaineering Jacket
Men's Mountaineering Jacket

Men's Mountaineering Jacket

Waterproof and durable jacket

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Men's Mountaineering Jacket designed for mountaineer, climber looking for maximum protection from rain and rock face abrasion

Durable, waterproof, lightweight and comfortable to wear, adjustable hood for wearing over a helmet. Under arm ventilation zips, Double taped zips, 3 large pockets

Fabric resistant to 10000 mm water pressure after 5 washes


Durable fabric (5.2 oz./m²), jacket with reinforcements on shoulders and hips


9<RET<12 breathable membrane under arms for extra ventilation

Freedom of movement

Ergonomic cut, preformed elbows, adjustable hood


Hood can be worn with a helmet. Two-way zipper for easy access to harness

Environmental impact

Life cycle comparison: Men's waterproof jacket -

Fabric waterproofing

We measure a fabric's resistance to a water column, in mm (based on the ISO 811 standard). The higher the water pressure resistance, the more waterproof the fabric. Components with 2,000 mm rating can resist 2,000 mm of water pressure (which is roughly equivalent to a rain shower lasting 2 hours). With waterproofing over 10000 mm, the Mountaineering Light jacket offers an extremely high level of waterproofing.

Garment waterproofing\n

The Alpinism Light was approved in a shower test under 100 liters of water / sqm / hour for 3 hours. This test reproduces the conditions of a heavy mountain downpour.

Fabric breathability

To find out whether a fabric is breathable, we test its evaporate resistance or RET (based on the ISO 11092 standard). The lower the fabric's resistance, the more moisture, generated by an active body, is evaporated, and therefore the higher the fabric's breathability.
We consider that if
- RET < 9 = highly breathable fabric
- 9- RET > 12 = slightly breathable or non-breathable fabric.
The Mountaineering jacket has a RET between 9 and 12

Garment breathability\n

On top of the main fabric's breathability, the choice of including mesh lined pocket helps to improve the jacket's thermal comfort, whilst helping to create air flow inside jacket by opening pockets.
The taped zipper under the arms, helps to create air flow once opened, to further enhance ventilation.
The adjustments at lower end of jacket (tightens with elasticated drawcord and toggle) and cuffs (rip-tab strap) allow you to adjust the air flow through these areas.


The pockets are positioned to be used as hand warming as well as for being accessible when wearing a harness over the jacket. The Alpinism Light jacket is also comes with a chest pocket and an inner zipper pocket.


The Alpinism Light jacket's main zipper is a new generation zipper that offers the same waterproofing as the classic silicone zippers (similar to the pocket zippers) while being more flexible, which improves the jacket's compression when packed away. Plus, this zipper is easier to handle, which helps to make it longer lasting. The 2-way zipper allows you to use a harness under the jacket. The zipper pulls are easier to handle with gloves.


The Alpinism Light jacket's hood is large enough to wear over a mountaineering helmet. It is height and depth adjustable according to your needs. A semi-rigid visor offers better forehead and eye protection. The high collar provides protection for the lower part of your face.

A rating for comparing products environmental impact

Product's environmental impacts are calculated throughout its life cycle and with different indicatorsAn overall ABCDE rating is performed to help you easily identify the products with the best environmental performance by comparing the same type of products with each other (t-shirts, pants, backpacks,...).

Decathlon is a committed stakeholder in this environmental labeling approach.

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Total weight

20.5 oz in size M


Main fabric : 100.0% Polyamide\r\nPocket : 74.0% Polyester cationic, Pocket : 26.0% Spandex

Care Instructions

Machine wash at 86°F


2 Years



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