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Running Hard Massage Roller 500

Running Hard Massage Roller 500

Small roller, convenient to take along!

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Running Hard Massage Roller 500 designed for self-massaging after sports. allows deep massaging of muscles using the body weight.

Relax your muscles with massages! \nThe DECATHLON self-massage roller can be used on many body areas: forearm, calf, foot...\nSmall, will easily fit in your bag!

For several areas. Perfect for feet, calves and forearms massages

Ease of use

Allows self-massages.\nUsed on the floor or on a table.

Easy transport

The compact design is easy to carry everywhere.

Massage roller 500 HARD SMALL (Foam roller)

Allows deep massaging of muscles using the body weight.
Hard, structural foam for deep, intense massage.
The massage helps relax the muscles and promotes recovery.

It has a compact design so that you can take it when training or travelling.

How to use the foam roller?

Watch the videos below to see how to use the roller for each muscle area that needs a massage.

For an effective massage, use at least 5 minutes on each muscle group.

What are the use precautions?

For adults only.
Using a foam roller may cause discomfort and leave marks on the skin. In case of significant discomfort or pain, please seek your doctor's advice.


Diameter: 70 mm
Length: 180 mm


For optimal recovery after exertion, you can use a recovery drink, protein bars, a massage ball (ideal to relax trigger points), a massage roller (for the back and legs), compression or electrostimulation in complement to your small massage roller


Foam : 100.0% Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)


2 Years



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