Punching Boxing

Punching Boxing

About Our Punching Boxing Collection

At Decathlon, we have many in-house sports brands, each one geared towards the needs of athletes in their respective disciplines. Our boxing brand, Outshock, is here to help you get in shape and get in fighting shape.

Punching Boxing Gloves

Our punching boxing gloves are designed to protect your hands while improving your technique. They are lightweight and anatomically-curved so they fit comfortably while being flexible so as not to hinder your movements. The gloves are made of leather so they are durable and come in a variety of colors. They're easy to put on and take off so you can get right to work!

Boxing Equipment

At Decathlon, we have everything you need to set up a boxing gym in your home, including boxing gloves, heavy bags, and more. We also have the gear you need to protect yourself, such as boxing helmets, head guards, and more. And if you're looking for something to record your progress, we have a wide range of recording devices so you can track how well you're doing!