Reinforced Toe Socks

Reinforced Toe Socks

About Our Reinforced Toe Socks Collection

Looking to up your game? Want to run, jump, and stretch in new ways? Decathlon’s Artengo brand has you covered. Our performance socks are designed to be comfortable, durable, and breathable so you can get the most out of your workouts. Many of our socks are specially designed to be anti-odor so you can wear them for longer without worrying about a lingering stench. Our socks are designed to be comfortable and fit perfectly so you can stay on the move without interruption.

Socks for Every Sport

We have socks for every sport. Whether you’re going for a run, doing yoga, or playing tennis, we have the right socks for you. If you’re going skiing or snowboarding, we have the right boots and gloves to keep you warm and protected on the mountain. Once you’re done, keep all your gear in top condition so you can get right back out there. 


Artengo is our in-house sports brand that designs hiking & backpacking gear, camping gear, snow sports gear, tennis & racquet sports gear, cycling gear, and more! Artengo also has a line of footwear for hiking and sport.

"Reinforced Toe Socks"

Looking for socks with reinforced toes? We have socks with reinforced toes for hiking, running, and other outdoor activities. Our socks are designed to be quick-drying and breathable so you can stay comfortable even on your most demanding outings. 

Banking on a Budget

If you’re just getting started and are on a budget, we have a wide range of hiking backpacks, hiking shoes, hiking pants, hiking jackets, and more! 

If you’re looking to start your next big adventure, Decathlon has all the gear you need to get there.