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Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white, photo 1 of 5

Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white, photo 2 of 5

Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white, photo 3 of 5

Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white, photo 4 of 5

Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white, photo 5 of 5
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Road Bike Triban 520

Sale price: $600.00 Regular price: $699.00
Special product, Innovation Special product, New Release Special product, Special product, Sale

Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white, photo 1 of 5

Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white, photo 2 of 5

Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white, photo 3 of 5

Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white, photo 4 of 5

Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white, photo 5 of 5
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Sale price: $600.00 Regular price: $699.00

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Model: 8377757

Product Features

A photo of the Road Bike Triban 520 in use

Road Bike Triban 520 is designed for road cycling regularly on flat or mountainous terrain.

A good bike for regular road cycling. New, highly versatile 6061 aluminum sport frame and a new carbon fork with inserts to attach a front-pannier rack.

Cycling comfort

Comfortable geometry, more raised position, adjustable stem using the rings


New 6061 aluminum frame for higher performance and greater versatility.


Carbon fork. SHIMANO SORA 27-speed triple groupset.

Lifetime warranty

B’Twin offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, stem, handlebar and rigid fork.


You can attach mudguards and front and rear pannier racks.

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Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white 

Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white 

Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white 

Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white 

Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white 

Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white 

Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white 

Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white 

Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white 

Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white

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Road Bike Triban 520,snowy white
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Had this bike nearly 2 years. .

Had this bike nearly two years now and have done a few thousand miles on it so this is an accurate review. I can't fault the bike. It has a Shimano Sora groupset so no problems with gears. The only issue i had was with the tyres .Both tyres ripped (At different times) which meant i had to buy two new ones. The original tyres were made by Michelin,but they were really cheap ones. The bike in general is great value for money . I have had no other issues with it apart from the tyres which weren't made by BTWIN anyway. I think they should upgrade the tyres on it though in the future.I regularly do 40 - 60 mile bike rides on it and it flies on the road. To be honest apart from the weight difference of a more expensive bike there wouldn't be much difference. I have given this 5 stars due to how good it feels to ride compared to the price of it.

Fantastic value for money

I bought this bike in early September 2018 and have ridden an average of 120-150km per week on it. I’ve been a runner snd swimmer for a long time and decided last year that I wanted to try my hand at triathlon. I didn’t want to spend too much on a bike so set myself a budget of £500. Looking at reviews on cycling websites and magazines this bike came highly recommended. I was not disappointed. I love the bike, yes it’s a bit heavy and maybe not the prettiest but what you get for £500 is a great value for money bike. The guys I ride with are riding bikes worth £2000-£3000 but I keep up with them no problem. For my Half Ironman triathlon I bought a split seat for a bit more comfort and added a pair of clip on aero bars that I bought also from Decathlon, they were the only changes I made. I got around 90km in 2:37, not too shabby and certainly competitive in my age group. For anyone looking to get a good road bike on a budget look no further.

Cycle to Work Scheme

More gears than my previous bike, faster to work. Always good service.

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Great entry bike very satisfied

This is my first road bike and has been used for daily commuting and longer rides. After a few months had a slightly bent front derailleur, but the Decathlon guys in Dunstable (especially Chris) were fantastic at getting it replaced and giving the bike a once over too. Bike is ridden in all weathers and I’m really satisfied with it. I’ve had to do a bit of fiddling with gears over the year but I would expect it with the amount of use.

Don't expect it to last, and don't expect any help

This could have been a good package, but it's failed the test of time (and not very much time at that). Quick version - do not buy this bike if you expect to use it more than a couple of times in summer, and seriously consider a different company to buy from if you spend more money as I got truly AWFUL customer service! The details... The rear hub is badly designed / cheap and lets water and road grime in, which in due course destroys the freehub body rendering the bike unrideable. This happened before 12 months of service, however as I was only able to get it to Decathlon after 12 months (by 1 week!) they decided that it's a wear and tear item and not covered by warranty, without even inspecting the component that failed. Had it been wear and tear, then both sides/sets of bearings would be similarly worn, however in my case only one side failed, the opposite side being in perfect condition. To make matters worse, Decathlon gave a very brief reply to my concerns, and when I challenged their assessment (remember they've not even bothered to inspect the reported fault) they simply ignored me. It's a shame really as this could be a very nice package but it's seriously let down by scrimping on important components, and terrible customer service.

Hello there. Thank you for leaving a review. If you could kindly provide me with some details (store you took it to and the reply that you were given) I will look in to this as a priority and find a suitable solution for you to get back on the bike (rain or shine!). Thank you.
MICHAEL, Road Cycling Leader, DECATHLON
Great bike, amazing upgrade.

Bought the bike two and half weeks ago and was really impressed having moved from my vintage bike which i have had for years. The whole thing is very slick in the way it's put together and the bike comes near enough assembled. I have loved hitting up a good route around the local bay and the change from twenty year old technology is incredible, All that being said, i did need to index the gears which i had to learn how to do as they jumped a bit, also the rear wheel isn't completely true which i noticed while indexing. Now can i say that this happened before arrival or not,no. But to have a bike for two and a bit weeks and the wheels buckle is a bit of a low point. i am 88kg so possibly my ample frame didn't help. My only warning would be the wheels do not get great reviews. I am miles from a Decathlon store so don't really expect them to do anything, just watch out if you are riding on any quality British roads.

Triban 520 Road Bike

My previous road bike which I used for years mainly for commuting was good for its day but so far I have been very impressed with the more modern technology on the Triban in particular the ease of gear changing. To make the bike more city friendly I have changed to 28mm treaded tyres and added Fend-Off mudguards without difficulty and the bike still feels light and responsive. In general the bike has well exceeded my expectations

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First ever road bike

New comer to road cycling options were buy something second hand off eBay or buy a brand new one. The reason I chose a brand new one is so knew it would not be faulty and if it were I had a warranty to fall back on. I had nothing to compare the bike to but as a first bike I am so happy with it. The bike seems to have a comfortable riding position, nice range of gears. It seems extremely light and sturdy. I have averaged around 100 miles a week on the bike since owning it. Completed a 200 mile charity bike ride and continued to cycle to work and back each day with no problems from this bike. This is definitely a good place to start if you're just starting cycling and trying the sport out. Some of my friends brought second hand bikes off eBay and then had to spend few hundred on them getting them safe for the road. This bike seems really good value for money.

Fantastic value

Having read the press reviews I purchased the Triban 520 as a spare bike to leave at our holiday home. Its good enough for me to question why I paid £2000 for my carbon fibre road bike!! Pretty smooth and comfortable enough for 130 Km rides plus handles well. The only criticism would be that a compact would be better than a triple.

Excellent Road Bike

This is my first road bike and it is great. I purchased a M frame size and I am 5'11 with a 31 inseam. If you are like: 5'10, 6ft, 6'1 or 6'2 with a 31 inseam, this should still be the correct size. A size down can be adjusted but if you purchase a size up then it can be uncomfortable, with minimal to no adjustments possible, so just wait and buy the correct size and if you're really unsure then go to halfords or a local bike shop to get measured or a Decathlon store. Once the bike arrived I put it together, most the bike is already fitted just few things like lights and handlebars needed fitting which is easily done as they provide all the tools. I adjusted the saddle height and distance forward and it fits me well. I can hop on easy, hop off easy and I have rode for over 2 hours with a few stops but have not felt uncomfortable. On delivery, the bike itself was fine, however 1 of the wheel lights were broken and I was missing 1 allen key tool but I had a spare. The box doesn't feel the most secure but it actually does hold the bike well but it looked like a used box, and finally I did not receive the cardboard bike stand which if you check their btwin bike video, the guy has it come with his bike. Delivery was a bit slow like waited more than a week. I'm assuming it was out of stock and I'm not surprised. The brakes. They're good don't get me wrong, however for some people it "may" be better if changed. The stopping needs more pressure on the levers to feel like the breaks are doing their job and to feel the resistance, but they work fine. It wasn't a big issue for me, but if you don't like applying a bit more pressure to feel the stopping force then upgrade the brakes. I'm gonna wait until they have worn out though before changing. Triple chainring crankset is not for everyone. The bike is comfortable, easy gear changing, corners well. It was this or the giant contend 2, and I know I chose correctly as a first bike. Some Notes: 1. The bike wheels have a Presta Valve not Schrader so make sure you get the correct bike pump. 2. If it is your first bike/roadbike then make sure you register your bike with decathlon and - you may not know that you can register. Bike thieves love road bikes more than others. 3. You should watch GCN on youtube for general great bike advice. Finally, I had not rode a bike in like a decade and I almost had to relearn, but after 2 days I'm pretty good at riding this. The actual control of the bike seems more sensitive than a standard bike, I think the word is, "nimble", but it is so much fun when you are use to it; especially on fast descents. I purchased the bike to add cycling to my workout routine, to help me lose just under 50lbs left. Already lost 70 since November 2017. Diet is key. I hope this review has helped someone in even the slightest way, that is why I wrote it, to assist someone as I was struggling to make a decision too. Thanks for reading!

Triban 520 Road Bike

This is my first road bike and is a a good introduction model if you've never had one before. Had a few issues with the gears change, partly due to my lack of knowledge about how the gears work. Took it back in a couple of times and the staff at Southampton Decathlon have been really helpful and sorted it out within 5 minutes.

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Triban 520

Recently purchased and a worthy upgrade from a hybrid cycle. It feels very nippy and I love the sound that it makes when travelling at speed. The carbon forks smooth out the dodgy road surfaces around the North Downs and it’s a joy to ride. I’m still learning to use the ‘drops’ and Sora set but this will come with practice. Highly recommended and lives up to the expert reviews!

Btwin 520 sora racing bike

this is truly an amazing and fun bike to ride. I shopped long and hard for a new racing bike with sora gears and a light frame. i kept coming back to this bike and i am certainly not disappointed. I am no racing fanatic but i just enjoy the thrill of riding and this bike ticks all my boxes. 27 gears, carbon folks which make riding on rough roads a pleasurable experience - and no road vibration or buzz to boot! i paid £500 for a medium (being approx 174 cm tall) and is spot on and fits me perfectly. I have only completed about 100 miles on this bike but its got so much going for it and i would ride it daily if time allowed. Its great for commuting and my 16 miles ride into work is a pleasurable experience. Im no light rider but this bike flies up the tricky hills with little effort and i can say with complete honesty that it beats bikes ive ridden costing £200 more!! Its even come down to £450 now so seriously grab one and you wont be disappointed. I bought mine from the Brent Cross store and the staff were so helpful and supportive to me. The manager was extremely helpful in assisting me and also the bike technician Andrea and his colleague who could not do enough to assist me with making sure i was happy with the bike, even fitting a rack for me and ensuring the bike was fit for MY specific needs. Thank you so much. I will definitely be shopping in Decathlon Brent Cross again soon - great brand and excellent quality products.

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Size help please

Hi. I am just shy of 6'2" tall. Would a large or Xl frame suit me best? Reason I ask is because there are varying size guides on website. For example at the top of this page it says Large, but according to here,, it should be Xl. Also, Thanks

Excellent as road & touring bike - a huge bargain

I bought this to replace my 11 speed Ultegra/105 compact double road bike and my old touring bike. I'm amazed how good it is, and how well it goes not least up hill. These key points: 1. I've forgotten how excellent a triple front mech is. In practice more usable than a compact double, even with 9 rather than 11 gears. 2. The new Sora mech is outstanding - as good as the Ultra/105 on the road bike and without the endless adjustments 11 speed rear mechs require. 3. I've fitted an 11-36 rear cassette and it went straight on without any adjustments, with B Screw etc unchanged. 4. I've also fitted Bluemell mudguards, 28c Gatorskins and a flyweight rack without difficulty. 5. The Aero wheels don't weigh much more than the Mavic Aksiums on the road bike and have plenty of spokes. They spin very smoothly. Overall this is a bike for all purposes and I can't recommend it too highly [and the help received from Decathlon Crawley]

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Size Guide

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Additional Product Information



  • 100% Aluminum


Sloping 6061-T6 aluminum B'Twin Sport frame with integrated headset socket. Short geometry, 3.9 lbs in size M, sturdy and versatile frame to which you can attach mudguards and front and rear pannier racks.


B'twin Sport fork with carbon blades and Aheadset aluminum 1"1/8 steerer tube. Inserts on blades for mounting a front-pannier rack. Maximum load on the fork: 19.8 lbs, This fork combines durability, low weight and precision. Weight: 1.5 lbs

Handlebar / stem / steering

Ergonomic B'TWIN SPORT handlebars for better grip and excellent comfort. Handlebar width (axle-to-axle): XS, S: 15.7". M, L: 16.5". XL: 17.3".


Shimano Sora shifters: Shimano Sora triple front derailleur Shimano Sora 9-speed rear derailleur enabling smoother gear shifting.

Crankset / cassette

Sunrace 9-speed 12 x 25 cassette (12/13/14/15/17/19/21/23/25). Shimano Sora 50 x 39 x 30 chainset. 6.7" cranks in XS/S/M. 6.9" cranks in L/XL.


Long dual-pivot B'Twin by TEKTRO brake calipers: reliability and power can take a mudguard with stays.


B'Twin Sport wheels, 32 spokes. Aero 32 hubs. Front and rear quick release.


Hutchinson Equinox 2 tires 700 X 25 for greater performance and comfort.

Saddle / seat post

New B'TWIN SPORT ERGO FIT saddle. B'TWIN Sport aluminum seat post. Diameter: 1.1" Length: 13.8" (M/L/XL); 9.8"(XS/S)


VP992S platform pedals.

Accessories / equipment

Comes with a front and rear-lighting kit and bell.


21.8 lbs in size M without pedals.



Product testing

We also advise beginners to wear cycling shorts with a protective pad and/or use a gel saddle cover for added comfort.

Storage instructions

Store your bike in a dry, cool place. If riding or storing your bike in a salty environment, be sure to wash your bike after each use.

Care instructions

Regularly maintain your fork (clean and grease dampers), especially in winter. Take your bike to your Decathlon store's customer service workshop, which offers a free safety inspection on all new bikes purchased.


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