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Sailing, Dinghy

Here is the first wave of our full range of Sailing and Dinghy products.
Our Brand is working on making sure every Decathlon product will become available throughout the US.
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Sailing Clothing View All Products

Men's Sailing Waterproof Breathable Jacket Offshoroa 500


Men's Sailing Oilskin 500


Men's Sailing Polo Shirt 500


Men's Sailing Softshell Fleece Jacket 900


Women's Sailing Softshell Jacket Cruise 900

From $42.90

Women's Sailing Fleece 100

From $15.90

Sailing Shoes, Boots View All Products

Men's Sailing Deck Shoes ARIN500


Women's Sailing Deck Shoes ARIN500


Men's Sailing Leather Boat Shoes Clipper


Men's Sailing Leather Boat Shoes Clipper


Men's Sailing Boat Shoes CR500


Men's Sailing Denim Boat Shoes Clipper


Sailor's Accessories View All Products

Sailing Cap 100


Sailing Sun Hat 100


Sailing Fingerless Gloves 100


Sailing Sun Hat Kostalde


Sailing Cap Regatoa


Sailing Fingerless Gloves 500


Dinghy Clothing View All Products

Women's Dinghy Sailing Neoprene Wetsuit DG500


Dinghy Sailing Neoprene Boots DG500


Dinghy Sailing Windproof Jacket 100


Men's Dinghy Sailing Neoprene Wetsuit DG500


Men's Dinghy & Catamaran Sailing Jacket S500


Women's Dinghy Sailing Jacket S500


Equipment View All Products

Braided Sailing Rope 10mm x 20m


Braided Sailing Rope 8mm x 10m


Braided Sailing Rope 6mm x 20m


Sailing Rope 4mm x 20m Challenge


Waterproof Bags, Cans, Pouches View All Products

Duffle Bag 5 L


Phone Box Watertight


Duffle Bag 30 L


Duffle Bag Watertight 10 L


Kayak Container

From $26.90

Duffel Bag Watertight

From $31.90