Shooting Sleeve

Shooting Sleeve

About Our Shooting Sleeves Collection

Looking to improve your accuracy? Want to start hunting? Whether you’re target shooting or hunting in the field, Decathlon’s Solognac shooting sleeves will have you hitting your mark.

Hunting Sleeves

Our hunting sleeves are made with tough, breathable, and flexible material so you can move comfortably while taking down your prey. They are quiet and won’t scare away your target. They are made to handle the rough terrain and unpredictable weather of the wilderness. Our hunting sleeves are designed to be quiet so as not to scare away your target. They feature a specially-designed material that is tough and flexible while being breathable so you can stay comfortable while on the hunt. If you’re looking for more heavy-duty hunting gear, we have a full range of hunting clothing and footwear for all your hunting needs.

Target Shooting Sleeves

If you’re practicing at the target range, you need a shooting sleeve that is quiet and doesn’t scare away your target. Our shooting sleeves are made with tough, flexible, and quiet material so you can get a better shot without scaring away your target. They are specially designed to be quiet so you don’t scare away your target.

Waterproof Sleeves

If you’re caught in the rain, don’t worry: we have waterproof shooting sleeves that are made to withstand even the heaviest downpours. They’re breathable so you can stay comfortable even in wet conditions. Our waterproof sleeves are made with a tight weave so they’re durable and tough against the elements while staying flexible and comfortable.

Hunting Apparel

No hunter is complete without the right hunting apparel. At Decathlon, we have everything you need, from head to toe, for all your hunting needs. 

Shooting Accessories

Don’t forget your