Side Pocket Leggings

Side Pocket Leggings

About Our Side Pocket Leggings Collection

Looking to add some warmth to your workout? Our Artengo brand has everything you need for your most demanding activities. If you’re into cycling, running, or hiking, we’ve got you covered.


Our leggings are designed to be both comfortable and breathable while you work up a sweat. They’re made with moisture wicking technology so they dry quickly after you finish your workout. The elastic material ensures a snug fit so you can get the most out of your workout. The material is flexible so it doesn’t constrain your movement and won’t get in your way while you run or bike.

Side pocket

Some of our leggings feature a side pocket so you can bring your keys or your phone with you on your run or your ride. The pocket is secure so your belongings won’t fall out during your workout.

Socks and Shoes

Our socks and shoes go hand in hand with our leggings. We have socks that keep up with your every move, staying soft and cushiony on the underside so they don’t hinder your stride. We also design shoes that are comfortable and durable so you can keep going without interruption.