Size 5 Basketball

Size 5 Basketball

About Our Size 5 Basketball Collection

Looking to get into basketball for the first time? Looking to get your kids into basketball? Decathlon’s Tarmak brand has everything you need to start your basketball journey. We have a wide variety of basketballs for men, women, and kids so everyone in your family can start learning and practicing!

Basketball Shoes and Apparel

Our basketball shoes are designed to be comfortable while providing the right amount of support so you can move freely on the court. Many of our shoes come with additional cushioning so you can get a soft but firm feel on the court. All of our basketball shoes feature a durable design that’s perfect for your workouts and your games. We also design socks, shorts, and t-shirts to complete your on-court look.

Basketball Accessories

Our basketballs are made to be durable while maintaining a softness so they don’t hurt your hands while you learn. We design a wide variety of types of basketballs so you can find the one that’s right for you and your skill level. We also design accessories for your workouts and games. Stay safe on the court with our knee pads and ankle protectors.