Skates, Scooters & Skateboards

Skates, Scooters & Skateboards

About Our Skates & Skateboards Collection

Need a set of wheels to get around but don’t know what kind? Maybe you’re looking to get into roller skating, scootering, or skateboarding. Maybe you want to ditch the wheels altogether and skate across ice in the winter or at the rink. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered.

Inline Fitness Skates

Our inline fitness skates provide excellent glide quality with ABEC bearings. The wheels come in various sizes and hardnesses so you can pick the right size. The stiff cuff and rigid structure ensure control while the interior foam or 3D mesh provides comfort so you can keep going.Find out how to choose the right one! Looking for quad skates? Sporting rubber wheels and brakes for superior handle, our quad skates have ABEC bearings for a smooth ride. The foam liner ensures a comfortable fit. 


We have scooters perfectly suited for adults that are both fun and practical to get around in. Our adult scooters come with handlebar brakes for added control, and the handlebar has an adjustable height so you can get a precise fit. Interested in pushing your scooter to the limits? We have freestyle scooters that are lightweight yet durable for powerful performance. Find out how to pick one that’s right for you! Our kids’ scooters include a colorful and customizable 3 wheel scooter that’s safe for toddlers learning to ride and balance. For slightly older kids we have 3 wheel scooters as well as 2 wheel scooters, some with hand brakes and front suspension for learning control. 


We have a wide variety of skateboards including cruisers, mini boards, and deck! We also design longboards that offer high stability and great maneuverability even during turns, great for beginners! Need a little extra power? Our electric skateboards will get you up that hill in no time! 

Oxelo Ice Skating

Looking to get into ice skating? Ready to brave the public to try out the seasonal outdoor rink downtown for the first time? Maybe you’re a professional skater trying to perfect your Salchow. Decathlon’s Oxelo ice skates have a great fit, featuring secure lacing or fastening systems so you’ll stay safe while figure skating or playing hockey. Our padded ice skates feature form-fitting foam that keeps you comfy and cozy.

Skating Accessories

Once you have everything you need, helmets and pads are essential. Our helmets are stable and protect against falls while providing vents for better temperature regulation while you’re on the go. Our pads are comfortable, adjustable, and most importantly: safe, protecting against scrapes and hard shocks from falls.