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Ski Gloves 900
Ski Gloves 900
Ski Gloves 900
Ski Gloves 900
Ski Gloves 900

Ski Gloves 900

The most hi-tech gloves in the range!

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Wed Ze

Ski Gloves 900 designed for regular to intensive skiers looking for a pair of gloves with hi-tech components and finishes.

The most hi-tech gloves in the range, thanks to their high-quality components and finishes.
Optimal temperature

Recommended temperature: 14°F. Minimum temperature: 5°F.


150 g/sqm wadding Micro fleece lining Integrated under-glove Cuff tab fastening


Waterproof, water-repellent membrane.

Freedom of movement

Flexible leather component. Large opening.


Natural leather palm, synth. reinforc.EVA reinforc. on fingers & back of hand


Adjustable tightening strap.


We measure a fabric's resistance to a water column, in mm (based on the ISO 811 standard). The higher the water pressure withstood, the more waterproof the fabric. Components scoring 2000 mm can resist the pressure from 2000 mm of water (roughly equivalent to a rain shower lasting 2 hours).


These ski gloves have a waterproof membrane consisting of a very thin polymer film positioned between the lining and the part of the glove in contact with the exterior. This membrane serves as a barrier to keep water out and makes the product entirely waterproof. In addition, the outer materials have benefited from a water-repellent treatment to limit water absorption.


All Wed'ze gloves have benefited from a water-repellent treatment that prevents fabric from absorbing water and ensures it runs off the surface. This prevents fabric form becoming waterlogged. It remains light and warm. A fabric becomes water repellent by applying a treatment to its outer surface. To remain effective, this treatment must be renewed every 2-3 washes using specific products available in our stores.


All Wed'ze gloves are "windproof". Did you know that you feel colder in the wind? When the outside temperature is 32°F and the wind is blowing at 12.4 mph, it will feel like 14°F. "Windproof" components reduce the chill factor caused by the wind or by the speed of your sports activity.


Simply pull the wrist strap inwards to quickly pull on.


An adjustable drawstring that you position around the wrist allows you to remove your gloves on ski lifts with no risk of losing them.

Product Testing

Wed'ze gloves are tested in the same real conditions they're used in and for which they were designed: snow, cold and all other conditions in which you might ski or go snowboarding. Our design teams ensure the product's target use corresponds perfectly to its real world use.


Palm : 100.0% Goatskin leather
Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester cationic
Lining : 100.0% Polyester cationic
Padding : 100.0% Polyester cationic
Cuff : 90.0% Rubber - Chloroprene - Neoprene, 10.0% Polyamide
Yoke : 57.0% Polyurethane, 36.0% Polyester cationic, 6.0% Cotton, 1.0% Viscose

Storage Instructions

Make sure product is fully dry before storing.


2 Years



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