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Easybreath Mask & Fins Snorkeling Set
Easybreath Mask & Fins Snorkeling Set
Easybreath Mask & Fins Snorkeling Set
Easybreath Mask & Fins Snorkeling Set
Easybreath Mask & Fins Snorkeling Set
Easybreath Mask & Fins Snorkeling Set
Easybreath Mask & Fins Snorkeling Set
Easybreath Mask & Fins Snorkeling Set
Easybreath Mask & Fins Snorkeling Set
Easybreath Mask & Fins Snorkeling Set
Easybreath Mask & Fins Snorkeling Set
Easybreath Mask & Fins Snorkeling Set
Easybreath Mask & Fins Snorkeling Set
Easybreath Mask & Fins Snorkeling Set
Easybreath Mask & Fins Snorkeling Set

Easybreath Mask & Fins Snorkeling Set

The ideal set for surface snorkeling!

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Easybreath Mask & Fins Snorkeling Set designed for adult snorkeling enthusiasts.

This set contains an Easybreath mask, a pair of snorkeling fins and a carry bag. The perfect set for surface snorkelers.
Easy to breathe

Full mask for natural breathing through the nose and/or mouth.

Easy to use

Small blade makes it easier for the fin to penetrate the water on the surface.

Anti fog

An exclusive air circulation concept that prevents the formation of fog.

Field of view

Panoramic field of vision, 180° effect.


The “Dry Top” snorkel system limits water entry through the top of the snorkel.


These small fins guarantee the minimal power that is just perfect for beginners.

Comfortable fit

Foot pocket made of soft material that is deformed when introducing the foot.

Which size of Easybreath mask is in the Easybreath mask and fins set?

If you choose:
-A shoe size between EU 36/37 and 40/41, the mask supplied will be size S/M.
-A shoe size between EU 42/43 and 46/47, the mask supplied will be size M/L.

The Easybreath is available in 2 sizes.
Children over the age of 12, teenagers and women should opt for the S/M size, and for men the M/L size.
To choose the right size in store, tighten the mask so that it fits against your face. There should be no gap between your chin and the bottom of the mask.

Why can't you free dive with the Easybreath mask?

The volume of air contained in the Easybreath is much greater than that contained in a traditional mask; from 1 m deep, the pressure of the mask on the face becomes very uncomfortable. When you free dive, you need to equalize the pressure afterward. However, with the Easybreath this is not possible because you cannot get at your nose.

Why isn't the snorkel of the Easybreath very long?

Contrary to what some may think, the snorkel of the Easybreath sticks out of the water more than a traditional snorkel. A traditional snorkel seems longer because it starts from the mouth and not the top of the head like the Easybreath. To guarantee respiration that meets current standards, we cannot make the snorkel any longer.

Can I use the Easybreath if I have a beard?

Beards can be responsible for letting in significant amounts of water. We recommend that men shave their beards before using the Easybreath because the hairs can break the seal between the silicone skirt of the mask and your skin.

How does the exclusive anti-fogging concept work?

It works best in waters over 65°F and is based on the fact that the fresh air breathed in is projected onto the front window before reaching the nose or mouth. The damp air that you breathe out is expelled through the side connections made of plastic and then silicone, which channel the air in the snorkel. In this way, the air constantly renewed. This is the same principle as the ventilation of your car windscreen.

How does the dry-top system stop water from entering?

It was developed to stop water from getting into the snorkel when there is choppy water, small waves on the surface or when the user leans their head too far forward to observe the seabed. There is a float in the snorkel that rises when you dive and blocks the tube. After diving, remember to blow out when returning to the surface to make sure that the float descends.

What precautions should I take with my Easybreath mask?

Pay attention to sand! Avoid letting your Easybreath mask come into contact with sand as this can scratch the window of the mask. If sand is present, do not use force to clip the snorkel into place. Rinse the snorkel and mask before connecting them. Sand can also clog the float valve inside the snorkel. Rinse the snorkel vigorously or use a key that you can fit through the rear vents of the snorkel to unblock the float valve, then rinse the snorkel.

Can I repair my Easybreath mask if it breaks?

YES, extend the lifespan of your Easybreath mask! After-sales service is available from the Workshop in your Decathlon store. Spare parts are also available online with the following references: strap - 8316952, valve - 8363399, snorkel - 8342901, white cover - 8363395.

Find all our frequently asked questions at

Find all the FAQs about the Easybreath® snorkeling mask on the site:

Foot pocket

The part of the fin where the foot is placed. It can be completely closed, like in full-foot fins, or open with an adjustable strap, like in adjustable fins.


The flat part of the fin that helps to generate the thrust. The longer and/or harder the blade, the more powerful the fin. The shorter and/or softer the blade, the less powerful the fin.

Storing your fins

A little tip: both fins can be clipped together (clips on the toe of each fin) to make carrying easier.

Dimensions of the set (size EU 42/43)

Length: 20.9".
Width: 8.3"
Thickness: 7.9"

Weight of the set (size EU 42/43)

3.3 lbs.

What is the SUBEA brand?

Tribord Diving is now called SUBEA, the Decathlon brand dedicated to underwater sports (snorkeling, scuba diving, spearfishing and free-diving). The markings on all our diving products will gradually be replaced.
Why SUBEA? Because: "SUBaquatic Experiences are Amazing"!
For more information:

Type of set:

Easybreath mask and fins


Fins/Flippers : 55.0% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene, 45.0% Polypropylene
Diving mask (frame) : 100.0% Polypropylene
Diving mask (skirt) : 100.0% Silicone
Diving mask (lens) : 100.0% Polycarbonate - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Valve : 100.0% Polycarbonate - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene


Not suitable for under 12s, free-diving or intensive swimming.

Storage Instructions

Store in a dry place away from light.


2 Years



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